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Net Proceeds Worksheet

Simply fill in the form fields from top to bottom to estimate your net proceeds from the sale of your home. The numbers following the descriptions lead to detailed descriptions below.

Net Offer Amount8
Gross Offer Amount$$328,275

Normal Transaction Fees
Pest Work1$
Closing Costs2$4,125%
Sales Commissions3$11,550%
Total Transaction Fees$15,675

Buyer Concessions
Sales Concessions4$
Home Warrantee5$
Total Concessions$1,725

Present Mortgage(s)7$

Net Proceeds9$149,725

The Empire Difference
You Just Saved$8,250
  1. Every home sold that will receive bank financing must have a clean Pest Inspection Report. The average home requires some pest damage repairs usually between $300-$800.
  2. These are the costs of for Escrow, Transfer Taxes, Title Insurance and other miscellaneous fees. 1.3% is slightly high, detailed fees can be provided.
  3. Sales commissions are for both the Listing and Selling agents.
  4. Sales Concessions can be just about anything, repairs or personal items like a refrigerator.
  5. Home Warrantees are desirable for both the Buyer and Seller, one year protection averages $400.
  6. I think this one is self explanatory.
  7. Include all liens on your home, 1st mortgages, 2nds and equity lines. Do not forget to include pre-payment penalties if any exist.
  8. The Net Offer Amount is what the Buyer is truly offing you for your home once the concessions are taken into account.
  9. This is where your see approximately home much money you will realize from the sale of your home. This number does not take into account tax implications, keep in mind that you may still be liable for taxes.

Savings compared to traditional 6% full cost real estate commissions.

The fees, costs and proceeds are estimates, actual numbers will vary. There are no guarantees or warrantees associated with this tool.

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